Justin was absolutely key to the launch of Sceptical Scot. He has a distinct flair for design but he is also an extraordinarily elegant and insightful writer. David Gow | Sceptical Scot; The Guardian

We have had the pleasure of working with Justin on sites both large and small, and have found the high quality of his work and attention to detail second to none. Barry O’Kane | Ezone Interactive

Justin patiently and diligently steered us through the design process so that what emerged was not just an impressive design, but a flexible and efficient communications and marketing platform. Graham Birse | Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

I’m Justin Reynolds, a web designer and writer based in Suffolk. I have spent my working life pursuing clarity and simplicity. Transparency of design. Transparency of language. The seamless blend of word and image.

Over the past 20 years I have designed dozens of websites and written thousands of words for clients including businesses, arts organisations, trade associations, charities, schools, churches, politicians and authors.

In 2014 I co-founded a popular digital magazine Sceptical Scot to provide a non-partisan forum for Scotland’s ongoing independence debate. More recently I have written features for The New European, openDemocracy, The Calvert Journal, The Fabian Society, Creative Bloq, Labour Vision and Social Europe. Where possible I archive articles I’ve written on my blog Metropolis2520.

I have experience:

  • designing websites using the latest WordPress themes and plugins
  • writing website headlines, content and blog posts
  • helping write brochures, presentations and technical documents
  • training clients in the use of content management systems

George Orwell said: ‘Good prose is like a windowpane.’ So is good design. I have years of experience helping clients to present messages and information with economy, clarity and force.

Writer and designer Justin Reynolds

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