I do spy on you when you visit this site, but in a most unobtrusive and guileless manner. Indeed I explain exactly what I do here:


I record this website’s traffic using the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics works by setting a cookie on your browser when you first visit the site.

Cookies set by this site are called ‘syntax01.design’. You can block them through your browser’s user settings. If you are not sure how please use your browser’s ‘help’ function to find out. Or you can visit AboutCookies.org, which explains how you can delete and control all cookies set by your browser. Please see Safeguarding your data on the Google Analytics website for details of Google’s policy regarding the information the Analytics service processes.

Your email address

The enquiry form on the contact page asks for your email address so I can reply to your message: it will not be used for any other purpose.

Please contact me with any questions about my privacy and cookies policy.